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Loose Leaf Edition 2

Loose Leaf is Manual’s ongoing self publishing project. Published annually, each edition is a carefully curated selection of artworks by artists, designers, and photographers that have caught the attention of the studio. Part publication, part print series, Loose Leaf is a collection of unbound and large-format printed art works. The publication celebrates images in a physical, livable form, a distinct departure from the online consumption of visual material that pervades our lives.

Each edition comes packaged and ready to be installed, not stored. Leaves are hole-punched for hanging on a wall with small aluminium push pins that come packaged. Its unbound format allows the viewer to edit, select, and reshuffle images on an ongoing basis, like a personal art gallery.

Edition 2 - Landscape - features works by Jon Boam, Nicholas Alan Cope, Chris Dent, Justin Fantl, Vincent Fournier, Hiroshi Kan, NASA, Richard Niessen, Casey Reas, and Youngsuk Suh.

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