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Proxy is a temporary two-block project located in San Francisco that provides a flexible environment of food, art, culture and retail. Renovated shipping containers and temporary architecture form the backbone of Proxy, conceived and curated by architectural firm envelope a+d.


When commissioned to conceive a new identity for Proxy, we chose to visually reference the temporary and modular nature of the project. The resulting typographic-led identity is born out of the concept of 'placeholder', and employs a flexible graphic framework that will unfold across signage, printed materials and online communications.


The first identity expression in our ongoing collaboration is a folded informational poster that communicates envelope a+d’s vision and maps out the future plans for Proxy’s continual development. In response to the project’s early stage development, we avoided using rendered visuals of the architecture, and instead featured diagrams by envelope a+d to communicate the future use of the space. In this way, the poster acts as a blueprint for future plans.