Frank Lionetti joins Manual as Design Director


Manual is pleased to welcome Frank Lionetti as Design Director. Frank brings with him a wealth of experience in branding, photo & video art direction, title design, and video production.

Frank began his design career in L.A. when he was hired by Kyle Cooper at Prologue to work on various motion picture and broadcast titles. He then made a transition to the branding side, moving to San Francisco to join West SF. As Design Director at West, Frank worked on brand identities, campaigns, and launches for clients including Rdio, Impossible Foods, and Jambox.


Your career has been full of creative collaborations. What’s the most enjoyable collaboration you have been involved in?

Traveling to Hydra in Greece to art direct campaign photography and video for Jambox. We got to Juergen before Kanye. We had a fantastic group including Laura Holmes Production team and a fantastic stylist, Poppy Kain (now Senior Fashion editor at British Vogue). It was a life changing experience and it set the bar for the work I wanted to do in the future.

What creative practitioners are inspiring you right now?

I always feel I have a good rapport with photographers and I think it comes from being over-prepared and at the same time being ready to be flexible if something better comes along in the process. I’d love to work with Petra Collins, Nicholas Cope, or Tom Darracott.

I loved working with Colors and The Kids. Their work feels truly original and has a spirit that always makes me smile when I watch what they come up with. I try to pay a lot of attention to how the work makes me and my team feel as it develops and I know that if it brings us some happiness, that somehow rolls into a bigger thing for our clients and their customers.

What is it about Manual that brought you here?

I’ve always felt like Manual had a really clear vision for what makes quality design. It’s really clear when you look at the body of work that Manual executes at a extremely high level—an internationally high level—consistently. I was at a point in my career where I wanted to be led by someone who I could really trust, in a positive, supportive environment where I could come in the door and focus on making my best work.

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