Posters (Affiches, Plakate, ポスター)


Last night saw the opening of Posters (Affiches, Plakate, ポスター), a week-long exhibition organized by Manual & hosted at Zinc Details. The exhibition features rare and significant modernist posters designed by notable Swiss, Dutch, German, and Japanese designers. The collection is amassed from a handful of private collections including the collection of Manual, and features works by Wim Crouwel, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Armin Hofmann, Otl Aicher, Hans Neuburg, Paul Rand, Massimo Vignelli, Ikko Tanaka and Yusaku Kamekura.

Posters (Affiches, Plakate, ポスター) is the first time these privately owned pieces have been seen together, with many posters on display for the first time in many years. The exhibition brings together designers and collectors from around the Bay Area to exhibit, discuss and celebrate the art of mid-century modernist poster design.

At the opening event, Manual’s Creative Director Tom Crabtree was joined by local designers and poster collectors Brent Couchman, Jon Sueda, and Gary Williams for a panel discussion.


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